Nicolas Winding Refn Moving Forward With Genre Film I Walk With the Dead

Drive and Only God Forgives helmer Nicolas Winding Refn broke his “Twitter silence” (he hasn’t updated his account since September of 2013) to inform his followers his next film will be I Walk With the Dead.

Now, this was the film we told you about last October that had writer Polly Stenham attached.

At that time, the project was being described as an all-female horror film.

Maniac Cop’s Ed Brubaker Talks Upcoming Remake, Casting Wish

Ed Brubaker spoke to Fangoria about his involvement in the Maniac Cop remake and how he was brought aboard the project. Brubaker is best known for his work in comic books. This year, he saw his “Winter Soldier” story arc leap to the big screen in the latest Captain America film. Now, he’s working with producer Nicolas Winding Refn on a redo of William Lustig’s film.

Brubaker says the project came about through a meeting he had with Refn. He tells Fangoria he’s been working on the film for about a year, while juggling all of the other writing duties he’s had to do.

Ed Brubaker On Board Nicolas Winding Refn’s Maniac Cop Redo

The notion of a Maniac Cop remake (or prequel) got me excited when Nicolas Winding Refn hopped on board the project in 2012. Since then, things have been quiet yet a significant update arrived in a Screen Daily report this morning which says the redo is alive and well. Refn is still on board to produce.

And get this: Ed Brubaker is attached to script.

Brubaker is a pretty major writer in the comic book medium. To give you a point of reference: He penned the Captain America/Winter Soldier story arc. He also created “Fatale.”