12 Horror Sequels That Lived Up To or Outdid the Original!


Hellbound Hellraiser 2Sequels are naturally the source of much controversy as well as ample anticipation and excitement. Like most things in life, they range anywhere from bad to good to excellent. Some sequels are little more than an attempt to cash in on the name of a successful franchise. Others represent the best of intentions gone badly, and, in rare instances, a sequel will live up to or even outdo its predecessor.

One early cinematic example of a sequel that lived up to its predecessor can be found in The Bride of Frankenstein. This follow-up, which saw Frankenstein's James Whale returning to the director's chair, took an unconventional approach to the love story and did justice to the original film in the process. Another great example is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The 1991 film blew the original Terminator film out of the water. With effective use of CGI and a great script, T2 still holds up as an excellent sequel to this day.

Since we think that sequels sometimes get an unnecessarily bad rap, we are bringing you 12 examples of sequels that lived up to our outdid the original!