Dee Wallace, Eric Roberts Respond to 2 Bedroom 1 Bath


2 Bedroom 1 Bath Poster?Al Bravo Studios and Chemical Mind Studios is bringing the independent horror feature 2 Bedroom 1 Bath to select January 31st, 2014.

Eric Roberts, horror veteran Dee Wallace,  Andrew W. Walkers and Shelby Young star.  2 Bedroom 1 Bath involves one young couple’s torment, during the birth of their first child. A nightmare is born in the New Year!2 Bedroom 1 Bath is a supernatural ghost story, which focuses on Kevin (Walker) and Rachel (Hicks).

At first, they are rejoiced as expectant parents. But, something is not right. The couple experience strange visions and frightening nightmares as the birth of their child draws closer. Rachel and Kevin must deal with a supernatural entity, which wants to haunt their perfect, new home and newborn child.

2 Bedroom 1 Bath will play in the city of Los Angeles and in the States of Louisiana and Texas.