Texas Chainsaw 3D Sequel Talk Premature, No Movement Yet


Yesterday, came word that a sequel was already underway to Texas Chainsaw 3D (called “Texas Chainsaw 4” – a baffling title we were told by the executive producer was a “typo” on Deadline.com’s behalf).  Tonight, word that Avi Lerner, of Millennium Films – who apparently tipped Deadline off – was speaking out of turn and that a sequel has NOT been given the green light.

The rights holders – producer Carl Mazzacone and executive producer Mark Burg – stepped forward to say there has been “no progress.”

The bottom line is that Texas Chainsaw 3D had a lot of cooks in the kitchen and now they are all stepping up to either claim credit for its success or dictate its future.

In one corner, you have Mazzacone/Burg, in another corner you have the Millennium team and then there are the number of executive producers involved.

Burg tells Deadline:  “Millennium simply sold the foreign rights and they will not tell us when a sequel is ready to be made. The script was developed by Carl, myself and writer/director John Luessenhop. Millennium and about ten producers came aboard only when we needed their check. Maybe they’re looking for something to sell at Berlin, but they have no right to announce this sequel and if we make another it has to be as good or better than this one and that takes time.”

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