Indie Watch: Someone Put CoolDuder in a Film


Co-starring in The Lashman

A few of my friends turned my attention to video blogger Coolduder (that’s all one word, to you) a few years back. The guy does online reviews for films in his massive DVD collection. His entries are sincere and low-tech, and that only adds to the charm (for lack of a better word). Recently, it seems he’s venturing out of the movie cave and onto a somewhat larger screen for a film called The Lashman.

Here are the details with a teaser trailer below:

Red Headed Revolution Pictures has debuted the teaser trailer for “The Lashman” from filmmaker Cameron McCasland. The teaser trailer coincides with the first poster image and website launch of

The Lashman is a tale of Terror. Five friends set out for a weekend camping excursion to find that their camp fire tales have turned into their worst nightmares.

The Lashman features a bevy of fresh faces. including Stacey Dixon (Monster Cruise, Old Habits Die Hard) , Shawn C. Phillips (Assault of the Sasquatch, Banshee, TV’s Look) , Jeremy Jones (Decision, TV’s Dreadful Hallowgreen Special) David Vaughan (Crazy Girl), and Kaylee Williams(The Many Monsters of Sarah Roth, Zombie Babies).

The movie was filmed on location in Western Kentucky in the Summer of 2010 and is written, produced, and directed by Cameron McCasland marking his debut as a feature film director, after a number of music video and television directing work.

Also joining the terror stricken ensemble are Lee Vervoort (Gun Town, Last Kind Words), Todd Bush (Country Strong, TV’s Tough Trade) Terry Gragg (Nickel Children, Outlaw Country) Tim Emery (Gun Town), Bob King (Daultry Calhoun, Make Out With Violence) David Chattam (21 Grams, The Last Castle) and Larry Underwood (TV’s Dr. Gangrene’s Creature Feature).

Source: Shock Till You Drop