Shroom Horror! One Way Trip 3D Poster…


The first 3D Swiss horror film

Between Shrooms, One Way Trip 3D and, well, I guess Attack of the Mushroom People, I think “shroom horror” can now be classified as a sub-genre.

The Facebook page for One Way Trip, the first 3D Swiss horror film we’ve been telling you about, premiered some early artwork, which you see below.

Markus Welter directed the film. Here are some story details to consume: Valerie thought they would drive to Italy to spend a weekend in the sun. But her friends have another target: The magic mushrooms that grow in the remote Swiss Jura. Unwilling she goes along. It’s her last weekend before she moves to Germany and she doesn’t want to be a party pooper. On their way they bump into an old farmer and his strangely beautiful daughter. An encounter more fatal than they would have thought. They are not gonna come back from this trip…

Source: Facebook