See the Original Ending to Del Toro’s Mimic


The 1997 creature feature

Guillermo del Toro’s time on Mimic, his 1997 American debut, has been written and spoken about for over a decade. The man didn’t have an easy time on the production. The development was laden with indecision and rewrites, budget concerns and creative battles between del Toro and Bob Weinstein. Needless to say, the final production does not represent del Toro’s vision and somewhere out there is a director’s cut.

Until the day we see that, we have to take nibbles of “what could have been” that come in the form of the video is currently hosting. If you follow this link, you can check out a five minute-long alternate ending.

It’s in rough shape and is time coded, but you get the idea of what’s going on. I haven’t seen Mimic in quite a while, so I can’t pick out the similarities and differences, but I’ll revisit the film soon.

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