EXCL: This is Children of the Corn’s Isaac


Dexter youngster joins remake

You’ve seen him on Showtime’s Dexter as Rita’s son Cody, now eight-year-old actor Preston Bailey (pictured below) is starring in Donald Borcher’s remake of Children of the Corn.

Bailey will play Isaac, a boy preacher who leads the children of a small town into slaying the population’s adults and worshiping an evil force residing in the corn fields. He’ll play opposite Daniel Newman, as Malachai, David Anders and Kandyse McClure. Bailey also appears in Amusement, coming soon from Warner Bros.

Isaac was previously embodied by actor John Franklin in the original 1984 film. He returned in ’99 for the direct-to-DVD sequel Children of the Corn 666.

Children of the Corn is now into its first week of principal photography.

Source: Ryan Rotten