Billy Bob Krueger: Origin of a Rumor


Did you really believe it?

On Monday, word hit the online press that Billy Bob Thornton was rumored to be carrying on the Freddy Krueger role in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

Mind you, “rumored.” From who? None other than Robert Englund who, despite not being attached, somehow had the inside track. I watch this rumor flourish as it made its way to the IMDB and Yahoo! where both sites all but confirmed it based on Englund’s knowledge.

Ooookay. But they haven’t even started casting yet. Hell, as we’ve stated before, the producers are not even locked in.

Anyway, this brings us to the question: Where did Englund get this “scoop”? Here, I present to you a sampling from IF Magazine‘s recent interview with Englund.

“I heard this rumor from a journalist at a press conference during Comic-Con. I think Billy Bob is a terrific actor. I’ve been a fan since Evening Shade.”

So wait-a-sec…the actor heard this from another journalist – who could have been speaking complete out of his ass – at Comic-Con, a virtual hub of information where news could be fabricated on the spot. I’m sorry, for a second there I thought Englund was actually tipped off by someone on the inside, such as a producer or exec.

Not to knock my own kind, but an ill-informed reporter (and I do know he or she is ill-informed) telling an actor a slice of info who in turn regurgitates it to the hungry media is absolutely amusing to me.

Source: IF Magazine