Del Toro in Prep on Frankenstein


Touts “definitive take” on the monster

This man must get no sleep. His mind a constantly bubbling wellspring of creativity. Well into post-production on Hellboy II: The Golden Army for Universal, Guillermo Del Toro tells the MTV Movie Blog that he’s currently sketching conceptual art for an upcoming adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Because of the strike, no writing on the project can be done, however, that isn’t stopping him from putting pencil to sketchbook and letting his ideas fly.

“The only way to do the Shelley novel is to actually do a four-hour miniseries,” he tells the site. “But I think there permutations in which you can tell the myth in a different way.”

Del Toro adds he has what is a “definitive take” on the Shelley property which has given birth to countless interpretations. Who knows where this project will fall in line with the director’s other films waiting in the wings.

For MTV’s video interview, click here.

Source: MTV Movies