Fox is Open to Making a Wrong Turn 3


What other sequels are being considered?

Fox Home Entertainment makes a killing on home video sequels – geared towards the rugrats – surrounding “The Sandlot” and “Dr. Doolittle” franchises. Yet, most recently, the company’s interest in exploiting its horror library titles has heightened. Wrong Turn 2 proved to be a smash success and Joy Ride: End of the Road is currently in principal photography. And according to Fox Home Entertainment VP of Production, Tom Siegrist, it won’t stop there.

“We’re interested in continuing to explore the franchises. As to what our exact plans are…we would definitely like to make a Wrong Turn 3,” Siegrist tells Shock. “And yes, we would like to make a Joy Ride 3 and 4, but we have to see what happens with the writers strike.”

Being a huge fan of the quirky 1999 cannibal box office bomb Ravenous, this writer had to ask if there were any plans to tap that title for more installments. “I don’t think we have any current plans to dig too deep into it,” says Siegrist, raining on our hopes. “We have so many interesting and cool stories we want to play with first, but it’s certainly one we’ve looked at.”

A Joy Ride: End of the Road set report is coming soon!