AFM: Art from Robert Englund’s Killer Pad


The saucy horror-comedy coming soon…

Robert Englund (yes, Mr. Freddy Krueger himself) rolled up his sleeves last year and slipped back behind the camera for his first directorial effort since 976-EVIL.

The result was Killer Pad, an FX-heavy horror-comedy (I wish I could reverse that pairing, but it sounds too awkward) about three punks who find a sweet deal on a Hollywood hills abode, move in and promptly throw a party. Chicks, booze and demonic mayhem ensue. Newcomer Dan Stoller whipped up this brew reminiscent of ’80s comedies like Bachelor Party. Daniel Franzese, Eric Jungmann and Shane McRae star with cameos by Andy Milonakis, Joey Lawrence and a handful of other recognizable faces.

Epic Pictures dropped a few full-page ads for “Pad” around the AFM, here’s a look at the poster. Keep it here for distribution news as it comes in.

For more art from the AFM, turn your peepers to this page.