AFM ’11: Danielle Harris-Starring Shiver Complete, New Art


Based on the novel by Brian Harper

Producer Robert Weinbach reached out to Shock this afternoon to inform us Shiver, directed by Julian Richards, has wrapped post-production.

He also shared with us some new artwork: A teaser piece that’s being used for the American Film Market, and artwork for a future tie-in novel.

The film stars Danielle Harris, John Jarratt and Casper Van Dien and features Rae Dawn Chong, Brad Harris and new screen sensation, Nikita Esco. Emmy winner Valerie Harper guest stars as Danielle’s mother.

Weinbach penned the script for the film based on a novel by Brian Harper.

Harris stars as Wendy Alden, a young secretary terrorized by a savage killer who finally finds the resources of courage to confront the monster of her living nightmare. Jarratt co-stars as the psychotic killer, Franklin Rood.

A new edition of the novel by Brian Harper has recently been published as an ebook with initial sales topping over 50,000 copies. A physical republication of the book is planned as a tie-in with the release of the film .

You’ll find the trailer below.

Source: Shock Till You Drop