Iliadis Officially Enters Last House


Remake Craven’s controversial classic

It wasn’t long ago when Wes Craven told us he wooing Greek Hardcore director Dennis Iliadis for a modern take on The Last House on the Left.

Variety confirms today that Iliadis is indeed on board and will begin production on the film for Craven’s Midnight Pictures (a new division at Rogue) early next year. Sean Cunningham and Marianne Maddalena are producing.

Adam Alleca was awarded writing duties; the newcomer apparently leapt onto Craven’s radar when Alleca inquired about a remake to the director’s The People Under the Stairs. Not only does he have “Last House” set up at Midnight, he also has another script entitled Home sitting on Craven’s desk.

The Hollywood trade adds that the remake will maintain the plot of the original “Last House” which finds a trio of ruthless killers who animalistically butcher two girls. The parents of one of their victims then exact extreme justice when the killers seek refuge in their home.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety