EXCL: The Captivity Trailer!


The movie so intense it was punished!

After Dark Films has granted Shock the opportunity to exclusively give the Captivity trailer its web premiere. The Elisha Cuthbert thriller, directed by Roland Joffe (The Mission), has had its share of controversy the past few months, especially when it comes to After Dark’s promotional campaign (read more about that here). As you’ll soon see, they’ve embraced the backlash and infused it into their latest promo push.

Captivity finds Cuthbert back in the torture chair after her turn in House of Wax, this time as a victim of a kidnapping who wakes up in a cellar with another stranger (Daniel Gillies), also held against his will. Together they suffer wicked mind games and try to determine who’s behind their abduction. Look for the film June 22nd.


Source: Ryan Rotten