Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray)


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Rating: PG

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Richard Griffiths as Uncle Vernon
Pam Ferris as Aunt Marge
Fiona Shaw as Aunt Petunia
Harry Melling as Dudley Dursley
Adrian Rawlins as James Potter
Geraldine Somerville as Lily Potter
Lee Ingleby as Stan Shunpike
Lenny Henry as Shrunken Head
Jimmy Gardner as Ernie the Bus Driver
Gary Oldman as Sirius Black
Jim Tavaré as Tom the Innkeeper
Robert Hardy as Cornelius Fudge
Abby Ford as Young Witch Maid
Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Oliver Phelps as George Weasley
James Phelps as Fred Weasley
Chris Rankin as Percy Weasley
Julie Walters as Mrs. Molly Weasley
Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley
Mark Williams as Mr. Arthur Weasley
David Thewlis as Professor Lupin
Devon Murray as Seamus Finnegan
Warwick Davis as Wizard
David Bradley as Argus Filch
Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore
Alan Rickman as Professor Severus Snape
Maggie Smith as Professor Minerva McGonagall
Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid
Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom

Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Special Features:
Behind The Scenes of the Creature Shop
Share Daniel, Rupert, And Emma’s Memories Of Creatures
Creatures: From Script To Model To Screen
Discover How Actors Are Transformed
Voldemort’s Evolution
48-Page Photo Book With Rare Images From Years 1-7
Year 3 Lenticular Card
Two In A Series Of Character Cards

Includes Digital Copy Of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban For Portable Media

Other Info:
Widescreen (2.40:1)
DTS HD-MA 5.1 Sound
Spanish and French Languages
Spanish and French Subtitles
Running Time: 142 Minutes

The Details:
The following is the official description of the film:

“Year Three at Hogwarts means new fun and challenges as Harry learns the delicate art of approaching a Hippogriff, transforming shape-shifting Boggarts into hilarity and even turning back time. But the term also brings danger. Soul-sucking Dementors hover over the school. An ally of the accursed He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named lurks within the castle walls. Fearsome wizard Sirius Black escapes Azkaban. And Harry will be forced to confront them all. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron and based on J.K. Rowling’s third book, this wondrous spellbinder soars with laughs, shivers and the unique breathless surprise only found in a Harry Potter adventure. Mischief managed!”

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Ultimate Edition” is rated PG.

WB continues the release of the Ultimate Editions of the “Harry Potter” movies on Blu-ray. This time around are “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Each of these sets contains all of the bonus features of the previous DVD releases (still on DVD, not Blu-ray) plus a new part of the “Creating the World of Harry Potter” documentary. On Year 3 you get the “Creatures” featurette on Blu-ray. It covers the design, construction, and performance of Buckbeak, the Hungarian Horntail, the Goblins, the Dementors, and more. If you love the creatures, you’ll love this. Meanwhile Year 4 covers the “Sound & Music.” If you’re a fan of John Williams, then this is one you’re going to want to check out. Also included are hardback books showing paintings and stills, and cardboard trading cards featuring the characters from the movie.

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan then there’s no question that you should add this to your collection. You not only get the original movies in Blu-ray and a digital copy, but you get the new bonus features, too. If you’re just a casual fan that wants it on Blu-ray, I’d suggest you just get the regular edition. These boxes are really big and take up a lot of space. You probably won’t care about the book, cards, or plethora of extras.