Will There Ever be a Firefly Reboot?


Will There Ever be a Firefly Reboot?

Will There Ever be a Firefly Reboot?

News of a possible Firefly reboot has been floating around the internet since February 2017. Fans’ initial thrill sadly gave way to skepticism when it became clear that Fox would only proceed with the reboot if creator Joss Whedon agreed to undertake full creative responsibility. So, what should fans really expect?

Fans Should Expect to Wait

If you’re anything like most of the Firefly fandom, you might already be thinking, “I knew it was too good to be true.” When the show was abruptly canceled 15 years ago, the loss struck viewers hard, and sporadic hints at cast reunions and Comic Con teaser panels have done little to ease the pain. Fans thought perhaps the news release about the possible revival — especially since it was backed by Fox officials — was more than just another empty promise; if Whedon agreed, the whole thing could go forward, right?

Right. But therein lies the problem. Whedon has already stated on multiple occasions that he doesn’t feel as if a Firefly reboot would be worthwhile. It left TV in 2003 – more than a decade ago. Since then, he’s been busy. He directed the first two Avengers films for Marvel Studios, which shattered long-held blockbuster records. Additionally, this year has been ripe with news about his latest project, the upcoming Justice League movie, which is chaotic amid a director change and a total ending rewrite.

Firefly Reboot: Will it Ever Happen

The Joss Whedon Problem

Whedon seems to have shifted his directing lens from the small screen to the silver one. He’s moved up and he’s in demand; returning to Firefly wouldn’t necessarily be his first choice anymore. Besides, pursuing sequels just isn’t Whedon’s style. He expressed similar feelings about his series Buffy the Vampire Slayer when pressed for reboot material. The most he gave was the Firefly film, Serenity (2005). It wrapped up a few loose ends and gave some closure but signaled a true end. Not to mention that several Firefly stars, including Nathan Fillion, have taken Whedon’s side. They don’t see much use (or satisfaction) in pursuing more episodes.

Yet, hope persists. A few unofficial leaks have hinted that a reboot still might not be out of the question: cast members taking photographs together, Fox resuscitating other popular bygone shows (like The X-Files). While these tidbits are indeed unofficial, they carry certain weight. The fact remains that Whedon hasn’t given a concrete “yes” or “no.”

Can It Still Happen?

Is a reboot possible at all? Technically, yes. Will Whedon budge in his firmly stated opinion? Probably not (at least not anytime soon). The show’s creator and cast have moved to other projects. Firefly’s potential future might still one day be a reality, but for now, it might be better to hang onto that love for Serenity and the masterpiece of the original 14 episodes.k