The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood


The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

The 15 highest paid actors and actresses in Hollywood rake in millions for their work on film and television. Here are the highest-earning Hollywood actors and actresses of 2016, according to Forbes.

#1 Dwayne Johnson – Thanks to a run of huge movie successes, the Rock was the highest paid actor in 2016 with a take of $64.5 million.

#2 Jackie Chan – While not strictly a Hollywood star, his Hollywood fame must have contributed greatly to his $61 million earnings.

#3 Matt Damon – The star of multiple action films and dramas had a great year, earning $55 million.

#4 Tom Cruise – One of the most bankable stars in the world for many years, Cruise earned $53 million in 2016.

#5 Johnny Depp – Best known as Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp has been acting as more than a pirate, which is how he earned $48 million.

#6 Jennifer Lawrence – With her fame as Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence was busy in 2016, earning $46 million.

#7 Ben Affleck – This star of multiple dramas and action films earned $43 million.

#8 Vin Diesel – The star of the Fast and Furious franchise had a great year, earning $35 million.

#9 Melissa McCarthy – The talented and wildly popular comedic actress spun her fame into earnings of $33 million. She appeared in three movies and her popular television series that year.

#10 Robert Downey Jr. – Best known as Iron Man, this actor earned a pretty sweet $33 million, largely for playing that character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#11 Brad Pitt – Long-time box office draw Brad Pitt had a great year, earning $31.5 million.

#12 Leonardo DiCaprio – Another veteran film star, Leonardo earned a respectable $27 million for his acting and producing work.

#13 Chris Pratt – Thanks to a busy schedule of filming, “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Pratt earned an impressive $26 million.

#14 Scarlett Johansson – Ms. Johansson earned $25 million, largely due to her appearance in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

#15 Will Smith – Work on “Focus,” “Collateral Beauty,” “Suicide Squad” and “Concussion” helped this long-time favorite actor earn $20.5 million.

Almost all of the highest paid actors here made their money in movies. No Game of Thrones or Walking Dead actors made the list, surprisingly, but that could change as hit TV shows continue to attract viewers. Check back next year to see who topped the earnings list for 2017.

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