A Guide to Katie Cassidy Movies and TV Shows


A Guide to Katie Cassidy Movies and TV Shows

A Guide to Katie Cassidy Movies and TV Shows

Best known for her work on the small screen in shows like Arrow, Katie Cassidy is a versatile actress who has popped up on the big screen as well. If you’re a new fan of the actress, you can check out our list of some of the best Katie Cassidy movies and TV shows, including a few you probably missed.

When a Stranger Calls

Released in 2006, this remake of an iconic horror film was Cassidy’s first role on the big screen. She appeared for just a few minutes as the best friend of the main character. Though she attempts to redeem herself after her friend discovers she slept with her boyfriend, her character doesn’t have the happy ending some might want to see.

Black Christmas

Cassidy made her second horror film appearance in yet another remake. Released on Christmas Day, Black Christmas didn’t get good reviews, but some reviewers did note her performance in the film as a highlight. Cassidy played the lead in the film, Kelli, a young woman living in a sorority house with her sisters when the former resident returns with a vengeance.


The stunning blonde actress gained her first fan base after appearing as Ruby, a demon, on the hit show Supernatural. Though she left the show after just six episodes, she did such a good job in the role that the actress who took over for her claimed that Cassidy was a tough act to follow.

Harper’s Island

Continuing her trend of taking on darker roles, Cassidy popped up in Harper’s Island, a limited series that followed a young couple preparing for their wedding day. As Trish, Cassidy played a woman who loved her future husband despite what her family thought. The show focused on a mysterious serial killer stalking the wedding party and the couple’s friends.

Melrose Place

A remake of the popular FOX show, Melrose Place aired on The CW for just one season. Though canceled in 2010, the show brought Cassidy to the attention of the network, which led to her appearing in several other shows in the future.

Gossip Girl

Cassidy’s next experience with The CW came in 2010 after she signed on to play Juliet Sharp on Gossip Girl. Sharp started out as a party girl with a mysterious past and appeared in a number of episodes before leaving the show. Cassidy came back to film a small cameo for the finale.

Katie Cassidy


Most fans know the actress for her role as Dinah Laurel Lance on Arrow. Introduced as the former girlfriend of Oliver Queen, she later became the popular superhero Black Canary. When the show killed off her character, fan backlash was so great that she returned as Black Siren, a new character. Cassidy continues making appearances on Arrow and all related superhero shows on The CW.

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