The Weekend Warrior’s Top 25 Movies of 2013


The best way to describe the year 2013 in movies is that it was an “abundance of riches.” Just when I thought I’d seen the best that filmmakers and actors had to offer this year, something else would come along that simply blew me away even more. The year certainly started off slow and the summer was as hit or miss as always, but by September and festival season, the surprising number of enjoyable, quality movies exploded. This made it even harder than usual to put together this annual list, because I didn’t want to ignore the quality movies released earlier in the year for the shiny, new movies, which is really easy to do around this time of year.

Now some of you may be thinking, “Ed’s been getting treatment for leukemia all year and probably hasn’t seen as many movies as other critics” and you’d be wrong. Sure, there have been a few important movies that I’ve tried to make time to watch but failed–exactly three–but for the most part, I made a conscious effort to see any and every movie that received accolades by year’s end before making this list. The number of truly great movies that just missed out on the Top 25 is a true testament to the number of quality movies mentioned above, and I think in any other year, my “Honorable Mentions” would have made the main list.

You can check out my Top 25 films of the year and my thoughts on each of them in the gallery viewer below, and then afterwards, go to Page 2 for “Honorable Mentions” as well as my list of Top 12 (actually 13) documentaries of 2013.