Check Out the Lodge 49 Episode 4 Promo And Sneak Peek


Check Out the Lodge 49 Episode 4 Promo And Sneak Peek

Check out the Lodge 49 episode 4 promo and sneak peek

AMC has released a new promo and sneak peek for the fourth episode of their new dramedy series Lodge 49, which airs Mondays after Better Call Saul.

Lodge 49 follows Dud (Wyatt Russell), a man who suffered an incident which made it impossible to enjoy his favorite pastime. Dud drifted among life before finding a fraternal lodge. One that offers both cheap beer and philosophies.

The episode four preview, titled “Sunday,” finds Dud in search of his path, while members of the lodge fear for his sanity. As he goes on a mission to find answers, all we know is he doesn’t have a passenger-side seatbelt in his car.

The second clip, “Falling On A Corpse,” finds the members of the lodge arguing over what they should do now that they’ve discovered a corpse. Or maybe it’s a mummy.

Find out who wins that argument, and if Dud is allowed to complete the path he believes the discovery put him on? How will he get the taste of dried corpse ash out of his mouth? We won’t find out until the episode of Lodge 49, “Sunday,” airs this Monday on AMC.

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