Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.06 Recap and 4.07 Promo


Fear the Walking Dead 4.07 'The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now' Promo

Fear the Walking Dead episode 4.06 recap and 4.07 promo

AMC‘s Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.06, titled “Just in Case,” revealed more of Naomi’s backstory and a couple of reunions as Morgan tried to prevent more bloodshed. In the next all-new episode of Fear, Madison’s decision to help an adversary has unintended consequences in the past while John Dorie’s life hangs in the balance in the present. Check out the promo — and a sneak peek — for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.07, titled “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now,” in the player below, as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at Episode 4.06!

Last night’s episode gave viewers, as well as Madison and Strand, a slight look into Naomi’s past when she revealed how her daughter died and why she has a habit of running. Naomi and her daughter, Rose, were staying at a FEMA shelter when Rose became ill with pneumonia. Without telling the rest of her group for fear of being kicked out, Naomi snuck out to retrieve antibiotics but after only a day later Rose died, turned, and then turned everyone else in the shelter. Naomi is not only suffering from the loss of her child but with the guilt of so many people dying because she didn’t warn them Rose was sick.

At the stadium, Cole doesn’t reveal to the group that Strand had been intending to leave with his vehicle full of supplies because he didn’t want Strand to retaliate against him. Later, Strand reveals the truth to Madison as he tries to prove to her that not everyone can be saved. Strand and Madison follow Naomi back to the former FEMA shelter where she retrieves a notebook full of instructions on first aid, gardening, and so on before she finds herself surrounded by her former group, all turned. Unable to bring herself to shoot any of the walkers, Naomi cries on a scaffolding she has climbed before Madison and Strand show up and save her.

As the trio returns to the stadium with supplies and Madison rubs it in Mel’s face, Mel makes the call for the Vultures to move on since they can’t afford to wait this long for Madison’s group to die, but not before giving Madison a warning that the “really bad stuff, you never see coming.” Even though the Vultures have finally made their leave, Madison feels a bit uneasy and orders Alicia to secretly fill a Land Rover with medical supplies, rifles, and rations, “just in case,” without any further explanation to her daughter.

In the present, Morgan and John begin their search for Alicia, Luciana, Strand, and Al. After John shows off some of his marksmanship skills, a Vulture’s pinky paying the price, Morgan warns the man with the now missing digit to tell his people that wherever the group intends to meet up, they’re going to be ambushed. Once the Vulture has left, John hands his pistols to Morgan “for the time being, just in case,” as John had come close to killing the man as he demanded to know what happened to Naomi.

Meanwhile, Al continues to drive Alicia, Luciana, and Strand to the Vulture’s rendezvous point while telling the vengeful trio that she won’t be helping them with their ambush. Al explains that her guns are not for hire, and her “bullets aren’t for sale.” She intends to shoot with a camera, only interested in capturing and observing what is about to happen.

Morgan and John finally reunite with the others on far less friendly terms as Morgan admits that he warned the Vultures about their ambush, trying to tell them that vengeance is not the way. Mel and the Vultures show up anyway, however, armed and ready to shoot it out. As Morgan attempts to talk both sides down, another Vulture vehicle rolls up and to the shock of Alicia, Luciana, and Strand, Naomi steps out. As John walks towards Naomi, whom he calls Laura as that is the woman he remembers, Alicia angrily fires in Naomi’s direction, hitting John in the chest instead.

Episode 4.07 will place Morgan in a precarious position as he finds himself in the middle of a battle between Alicia, Luciana, Strand and the Vultures as he and Naomi fight to save John’s life. Luciana will also come face-to-face with Charlie, the young girl who took Nick’s life. Will Luciana kill a child to get her revenge, and is there any hope John will survive? Share your thoughts on last night’s episode and how you think “The Wrong Side of Where You Are,” airing on June 3, will play out.