Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.05 Recap and 4.06 Promo


Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.05 Recap and 4.06 Promo

Fear the Walking Dead episode 4.05 recap and 4.06 promo

AMC‘s Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.05, titled “Laura,” reveals how John Dorie and Laura (aka Naomi) first met, their brief apocalyptic romance, and provides a deeper look into John’s sweet character. Check out the promo — and a sneak peek — for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4.06, titled “Just in Case,” in the player below, as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at Episode 4.05!

In last night’s episode, we jump even further back into the past to when John was living in silence by himself. He’s created a routine in his solitary cabin in the woods by a river, which includes waking up to his singing fish alarm clock, making breakfast, doing chores, cleaning his white-handled revolvers, killing walkers that fall into trenches he dug in the ground, playing Scrabble, watching the occasional movie, and going into town every Tuesday to “shop.”

John’s routine is forever changed, though, when he saves an injured woman in a canoe on the river. John brings her inside as the semi-conscious Naomi mumbles, “I have to get back,” and treats the cut on her side as well as he can. The next morning, Naomi is missing and he discovers her outside trying to steal his car. John doesn’t try to stop her and tells her the keys are in the visor, but the engine won’t start. He says she can stay in his cabin until she’s well enough to leave if she would like. Naomi agrees, and she talks John through how to properly stitch up her wound.

Up to this point, Naomi hasn’t revealed who she is, so John asks if he can call her Laura because she looks like a Laura. Laura accompanies John to the store the following day since it’s Tuesday, and as they row towards their destination John reveals he used to be a police officer and also used to perform trick shooting and lassoing part-time for the Wild Wild West shows for fun. Before they reach the shore, they notice that a car has fallen over the side of a bridge and left an opening in the railing where walkers have been falling in, explaining why there have been more and more showing up at John’s place.

At the store, Laura grabs a bag which we recognize as the same one John discovers in Alicia, Luciana, and Strand’s possessions in the previous episode. After gathering some supplies, including a new movie to watch — this week it’s Meet John Doe — they seal the gap in the bridge and later enjoy a movie night complete with butterscotch-caramel brittle. Laura finally reveals a tiny piece of her background to John, saying she lost her child. As time goes on, John teaches Laura how to fish and they settle into a routine together.

After a close run-in with walkers that shows John refusing to use his white-handled pistols, he reveals that he once accidentally killed a robber in a shooting after he tried to hit him in the leg but the man bled out. John couldn’t handle being called a hero, so he isolated himself in his cabin. Later that night, John must save Laura who is under assault by a group of walkers in the trench, whipping out his pistols and expertly killing them before they can kill her. Since Laura is nearly healed and will be leaving soon, John gives her one of his pistols to take with her to keep her safe.

The night before Laura leaves, John confesses that he loves her, telling her, “If you’re alive, this whole world feels alive.” They kiss and end up in bed together, and the next morning, John wakes up alone and to a message spelled out in Scrabble letters saying, “I love you too. I’m sorry.” At the end of the episode, we jump back to the present to reveal John has been sharing this story with Morgan. When John begins to despair, Morgan shares with John the same advice that Rick Grimes once shared with him: “We’re alive. We are part of the world. Let’s not waste another second.” The two then head out to catch up with Al and the others.

The promo for next Sunday’s episode, airing on May 20, follows John and Morgan as they try to reunite with Alicia, Luciana, and Strand who are gearing up for battle against the Vultures. We also jump back into the past with Madison and the others at the stadium as we draw closer to the big event that lead to the loss of their community.