Exclusive Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau Clip Featuring Tig Notaro


Exclusive Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau Clip Featuring Tig Notaro

ComingSoon.net has an exclusive clip from discovery+’s upcoming series Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau, featuring Emmy nominee Tig Notaro (Army of the Dead, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted, Star Trek: Discovery). The clip comes from the first episode of the new series which sees Buteau visiting Notaro’s hometown on the gulf coast of Mississippi where they learn to hunt balloons with bows, arrows, and friendship; find out the importance of spanking your clay, and introduce Buteau to the sacred ritual of crawfish eating.

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Buteau is a hilarious comedian, talented actor, accomplished author, and loving wife and mother of twin toddlers — and she hasn’t had a moment to herself in years. In Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau, she takes a break from home life and hits the road for a few weekends of much-deserved fun, food, and wild times with her comedian pals.

Check out our exclusive clip below:

In each episode, Buteau and a friend take a no-judgment, potentially debaucherous journey to locales across the country, from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi with Notaro to New Orleans with Sasheer Zamata to Malibu with Chelsea Peretti.

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The new streaming series is executive produced by Queen Latifah and produced by her and Shakim Compere’s production company Flavor Unit Entertainment. The three-episode series will begin streaming on Thursday, June 10, exclusively on discovery+.