Kingdom: Ashin of the North Teaser: Special Episode Sets Premiere Date

Netflix has finally released the first Kingdom: Ashin of the North teaser for the upcoming spinoff episode of their hit South Korean zombie series, which centers around the mysterious warrior from the final episode of the second season. The special episode is scheduled to make its debut on Friday, July 23, more than a year since the series debuted its six-episode second season.

The video, which you can check out below, begins in an eerie dark cave, where a young girl discovers the mysterious resurrection plant along with strange markings that translates to a chilling warning, “to revive the dead, a price must be paid.”

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Kingdom: Ashin of the North will center around South Korean top actress Jun Ji Hyun’s mysterious character who appeared in the last seconds of the second season finale. It will not only tell the story of the mysterious heir to the Northern Yeojin tribe village but will also finally reveal the origins of the resurrection plant that triggered the avalanche of tragic events that swept through Joseon and a woman abandoned by all – Ashin.

Directed by Kim Seong-hun from a screenplay written by Kim Eun-hee, the special will be led by Gianna Jun as adult Ashin, Kim Sia as young Ashin, and Park Byung-Eun, who will reprise his role as head of Royal Commandery Min Chi Rok, one of the men that helped Crown Prince Lee Chang in fending off the infected from infiltrating the royal palace.

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Set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period, in a kingdom defeated by corruption and famine, a mysterious plague spreads to turn the infected into monsters. The crown prince, framed for treason and desperate to save his people, sets out on a journey to unveil what evil lurks in the dark.

Kingdom stars Ju Ji-Hoon (Along with the Gods, Dark Figure of Crime) as the Crown Prince, Bae Doona (Sense8, Cloud Atlas) as Seo-bi, Ryu Seung-Ryong (Miracle at Cell No. 7, Extreme Job) as Jo Hak-Jo, Kim Sangho (The Beauty Inside, The Happy Life), Heo Joon-Ho (Jumong), and Jeon Seok-Ho (The Good Wife).


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