Disney+ Unveils Trailer for New Documentary Series Inside Pixar

Disney+ Unveils Trailer for New Documentary Series Inside Pixar

Disney+ has unveiled the first look trailer at the latest documentary series to join the streaming platform’s growing library, Inside Pixar, which offers viewers an inside look at the lives and stories of the creative minds behind their favorite Pixar films. The trailer can be viewed in the player below!

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Directed by Tony Kaplan and Erica Milsom, Inside Pixar will consist of four collections of five short stories, each centered around a central theme, beginning with this week’s “Inspired,” which will explore what sparks inspiration and the journey from idea to execution. The collection’s stories info is as follows:

Inspired: Kemp Powers, Writing Something Real

Director: Tony Kaplan

Authenticity is essential to creating a film that is believable and relatable. Co-Director Kemp Powers discusses the real-life experiences that led him to propose a simple, yet pivotal scene in Soul.

Inspired: Deanna Marsigliese, The Art of the Pivot

Director: Erica Milsom

Inspiration isn’t instant. Coming up with unique and creative characters takes time and effort. Character Designer Deanna Marsigliese takes us through the process of character creation and the artistic detours that often come with it.

Inspired: Steven Hunter, For That Kid

Director: Tony Kaplan

Growing up in a small town in Canada, Steven Hunter never felt like he saw himself represented in cartoons and comic books. After getting the opportunity to direct a Pixar SparkShort, Steven was inspired by his own life to create ‘Out,’ a unique and vulnerable story he wished he saw in his youth.

Inspired: Jessica Heidt, Who Gets All the Lines?

Director: Erica Milsom

Script Supervisor Jessica Heidt manages endless lines of dialogue. Through her script access, she detected a disparity in male to female roles, motivating her to create a program to improve gender balance throughout Pixar’s films and the greater film industry.

Inspired: Dan Scanlon, Where Ideas Come From

Director: Tony Kaplan

Inspiration can be hard to come by. Sometimes it takes years to find, while other times it’s been right under your nose. Director Dan Scanlon takes us on a personal journey of inspiration that led to his film, Onward.

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Inspired is set to premiere on Disney+ on Friday, November 13.


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