Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 Recap


Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 Recap

Supernatural season 14 episode 2 recap

In last week’s Supernatural Season 14 premiere, Sam had his hands full trying to find his brother, leading the hunters from the Apocalypse World, trying to help Jack, saving Castiel, and declaring that there will be no new King of Hell while once again forced to bury his own trauma with Lucifer’s former vessel, Nick, alive and well and also living in the bunker. Michael, still in control of Dean’s body, was on the loose for weeks, putting his plan into motion to take over our world.

In last night’s episode, Michael began to build his super army while Sam, Bobby, and Mary tracked him down as Castiel played babysitter to Jack and Nick before a couple of unexpected twists finished out the second episode of the season.

Mad Scientist

Seeking to create a super army of altered monsters, Michael experimented on a group of kidnapped vampires in an abandoned church. As a few tied up vamps looked on, Michael drained the blood of one of the vampires, mixed it in a bowl with some angel grace, and then fed it back to the vampire. The experiment proved to be a failure as the vampire quickly burned up, and he wasn’t the first.

Later, Michael, dressed in a tux, had a brief conversation with Dean in a hotel mirror (similar to Sam and Lucifer in Season 5) who told the archangel to get out of his body. Instead, Michael punched the mirror and reminded Dean, who once again vanished, that he owns him and to “enjoy the ride.”

It was revealed that Michael was at the hotel to force a werewolf to summon her master. Michael later met with the leader of the werewolf pack and discussed how useless humans are and how much he respects the werewolf’s pure way of life; they kill to live. Michael told the werewolf that he had “cracked the code” on how to enhance the werewolf’s talents, and that he, not God, is in charge now.

Changing the Rules

While Michael played scientist and attempted to recruit new followers, Sam, Bobby, and Mary packed up for Duluth, Minnesota after Jo left Sam a tip at the end of the premiere episode on Michael’s whereabouts. Sam discovered news articles on a bunch of corpses being dumped with their eyes burnt out. The trio took off to investigate, leaving Castiel behind to not only keep an eye on Nick and Jack but to avoid Michael being able to detect Castiel’s angelic presence.

Despite Bobby’s rusty FBI skills after having lived in an apocalyptic universe for years, they figured out that the bodies belonged to vampires (the same ones Michael experimented on). They then tracked down one of the vampires who managed to escape after seeing her on surveillance cameras. She explained what Michael did, and then agreed to tell Sam and the others where to find Michael if they’ll let her go in return.

Later, Michael showed up to confront the vampire after Sam, Bobby, and Mary had left, explaining that he had allowed her to escape on purpose. The vampire, as well as dumping the dead vampires in plain sight, were all part of his plan to trap the hunters. As Michael then killed his no-longer-needed bait, Sam, Bobby, and Mary arrived at the abandoned church and were attacked by a group of werewolves. They quickly discovered that silver and the usual methods of killing a werewolf didn’t work. Luckily, decapitation is still a pretty universal killing method.

Looking Ahead

As Sam, Mary, and Bobby donned their FBI suits and discovered that the usual ways of killing werewolves suddenly failed to work, Castiel found Jack reading up on his powers, wondering how long it would take to get them back. Castiel explained to Jack that he knows what it feels like to be human and said that when it happened to him, he had Sam and Dean and himself to overcome it.

After he talked about how Sam and Dean developed their expertise over the years, he pressed Jack to look towards the future. Jack later decided to visit Kelly Kline’s parents, his grandparents, to fill in some missing pieces of his past. Jack didn’t tell his grandparents who he was and couldn’t admit to them that their daughter was dead. After he arrived back at the bunker to an upset Castiel, Jack explained that he wanted to learn where he came from.

Jack then asked about Sam and if he, Bobby, and Mary had found Michael. When Castiel confirmed that they had, Jack asked if they were going to kill Michael. Castiel said no, they needed to subdue Michael and remove him from Dean. A frustrated Jack, who witnessed the terrible atrocities Michael committed in the Apocalypse World, essentially said that Dean dying would be a necessary sacrifice if it meant stopping Michael and he felt that Dean would agree.

Damaged Psyche

Babysitting Nick proved to be even more difficult for Castiel. After Nick started to recall some memories of what Lucifer did, he cried to Castiel that Lucifer made him a monster. He said that he couldn’t remember why he agreed to allow the Devil to take over his body in the first place. Castiel explained that Nick’s wife and son were murdered by an intruder with a hammer and that Lucifer had manipulated Nick’s pain to get him to say yes.

Later, Nick was frustrated when he learned his family’s murder had gone unsolved. When Castiel tried to comfort him, Nick snapped his fingers, the same thing Lucifer used to do when he would kill someone with his powers. Worried that Nick might still have some of Lucifer’s influence within him, Castiel touched Nick and wondered if Lucifer may have inflicted serious damage to Nick’s psyche.

Castiel also admitted to Nick that as an angel, his body belonged to a vessel, Jimmy Novak, who is now deceased. Nick told Castiel that he’s a “stone-cold body snatcher” and Castiel replied that what happened to Jimmy and his family was his greatest regret. Nick, determined to find who killed his family, left to confront his old neighbor who witnessed part of what happened the night his family was murdered.


After they survived the werewolf attack, Sam, Bobby, and Mary found themselves face-to-face with Michael. But as he walked into the room, Michael fell against the wall and took off his hat. Dean looked up at his brother and said, “Sammy, it’s me,” and explained that the archangel suddenly just left his body and he doesn’t know why.

While Sam and Dean reunited, Nick had grown angry with his old neighbor, who changed his story about the night of the murders, claiming now that there was no man outside of the house like he had first told the cops. Nick then killed his neighbor with a hammer, the same way his wife and child were murdered, confirming that Castiel was right about Nick being damaged.

What did you think about the episode? Are you intrigued to see how Michael’s super army will alter the show’s lore if the monsters cannot be killed like how the Winchesters were taught? Is Michael really gone, or is he still hiding within Dean? And, does this mean that Nick killed his wife and son? Or is his psyche just ripped apart to the point of no return and he is permanently changed? Let us know in the comment section below!