Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Helmer in Talks for Zombieland Series

Zombieland the series became an official thing – and not just the center of the usual rumor mill – earlier this week when it was revealed Amazon was in talks to acquire the property for a web series with 30-minute episodes.

The film’s writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are on board to executive produce and, once again, write which is cool because that means the show will retain the witty voice the feature film had. But now there is a director involved now, too.

According to Deadline, Eli Craig is in talks to helm. You may recall he brought us Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. That’s a perfect fit, if you ask us. Craig demonstrated some great comedic timing and didn’t skimp on the gore.

“Zombieland” is currently casting. More as it comes in!


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