Bad Boys Spinoff Pilot Gets Its Title


Bad Boys Spinoff Pilot Gets Its Title

Bad Boys Spinoff Pilot Gets Its Title

While fans are still waiting for the long-delayed Bad Boys for Life, they will get a return to the world of the Burnett family with the upcoming spinoff pilot, which has been given the title L.A.’s Finest, Deadline reports.

The series follows Syd Burnett, Gabrielle Union’s character from the second installment of the film series and sister of one of the original duo Marcus (Martin Lawrence), as she moves from Miami to Los Angeles and joins the LAPD as a detective after leaving the DEA. Upon arrival, she is partnered with Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), a working mom who quickly becomes jealous of Syd’s more casual lifestyle after they begin working together.

Officially ordered back in October by NBC, the pilot is written by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, who have both worked on The Blacklist for the network, and directed by Anton Cropper, who has been behind the camera of numerous TV shows, including black-ishSuits and Future Man. The series will also be produced by the films’ producer Michael Bay and Sony Pictures TV, and has reportedly been receiving strong early buzz over at the network.

Though the original plan was for the series to be named “Bad Girls,” the network decided the series couldn’t carry the same title variant of the films and given they now have another drama running with a similar title, Good Girls, the original title no longer seemed to fit.

In addition to the return of Union and addition of Alba, the series will also feature John Salley reprising his role from the second film as Fletcher, a computer-hacking thick-glassed ex-con who helped Marcus and Mike Lowery (Will Smith) in the original films.

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