Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil to Produce The Secret World TV Series


The Secret World TV adaptation to be produced by Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil

The Secret World TV adaptation to be produced by Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil

The popular MMO The Secret World is about to get a TV series adaptation, which will be produced by Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil, according to Deadline. The company has partnered with G4C Innovation’s Gudrun Giddings for the show, which is based on The Secret World and its 2017 relaunch Secret World Legends.

The show will be written by James V. Hart (Hook) and Jake Hammer, with Pam Veasey (former showrunner for CSI: NY) who will act as showrunner. The Secret World will reportedly tell the story of a group of undercover agents and a war between the Illuminati, Dragon and Templar societies. The agents battle the supernatural, both from what we know as legends and current conspiracy theories. In the game, players can travel to real world cities, as well as legendary locations like the city in Hollow Earth and the Hell dimension.

Depp, Christi Dembrowski, Sam Sakar and Giddings will produce alongside Veasy.

Rui Casais, CEO of Funcom who created the game, first published in 2012 told the site, “The Secret World universe is full of stories just waiting to be told. From secret societies to myths and legends that are all coming true, The Secret World captures some of humanity’s greatest mysteries and asks ‘What if?’” Sakar added, “From the moment Gudrun first brought this to me, I loved this property. I live for conspiracy theory. I don’t believe it, but I love it. This is the secret story of the people who rule the people who rule the world.” 

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