Prison Break Returns! What We Learned at WonderCon 2017


Prison Break Returns! What We Learned From the WonderCon 2017 Panel. Will you be watching when Prison Break returns?

Prison Break returns! Find out what was revealed a the WonderCon panel

Prison Break returns to FOX on April 4, 2017 for the first time since 2009. The show ran for four seasons with a feature explaining the end of the series. Stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, who played brothers Lincoln and Michael, have appeared together on The Flash and on Legends of Tomorrow, and once that happened, fans began to wonder about a revival. At WonderCon in Anaheim, CA today, fans were treated to the first episode of season 5, as well as a panel including Purcell, Miller, producers Vaun Wilmott and Michael Horowitz and new cast member Inbar Lavi, who plays Sheba.

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In the episode, we got a chance to see where some of the main characters have ended up. When Prison Break returns seven years after we left these characters, Lincoln is back to a life of crime, running from debtors. T-bag (Robert Knepper) is just being released from prison. When he gets a mysterious note saying that Michael is alive, with a picture, he takes it straight to Linc. He’s then offered a deal he can’t refuse from a mysterious benefactor. Fan-favorite Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) is working on tramps; ships that sail all over the world. C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) is working within a mosque to help stop radical Muslims and promote peace. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) is married and raising Michael’s son. When some of the characters have to go to Yemen, it begins a chain of events that will take us through the season with new mysteries, new codes, new prisons and of course, new tattoos.

During the panel, the producers and the cast spoke about how important it was not to bring this back just for the sake of doing it. They wanted to find compelling stories that really mattered to fans. Miller said, “These episodes are for you and inspired by you [the fans]. We were thinking about you every day in terms of setting the bar high so we wouldn’t disappoint you.” New cast member Lavi spoke about getting to see the brothers, who are close friends in real life, reunite on set. “I got to see them reunite of the first time on set. I mean, you guys had The Flash, but… I got to see them embrace and it was so powerful and moving. It was kind of like, Ugh, get a room! “

Prison Break returns to Fox. Will you be watching when Prison Break returns?

Lavi spoke about her character, who we were told is going to be huge part of the season. She said, “I think a kick ass woman is exciting.” She also said the storyline is important. “I find it very important to give voice to the people of Yemen. They have to struggle every single day. They are in the midst of a very serious civil wear and I feel a huge responsibility to tell that story.”

Michael is covered in tattoos that are important to the story in the last four seasons. In the first episode, we see new ones. Miller said it takes an extra 45 minutes every day to put them on. He explained, “It’s an investment. It’s an extra forty five minutes in the chair for the new set of tattoos. New tattoos servicing a very different purpose. that bit of business set the show apart to begin with.” Lavi joked about how Miller would go into his trailer and she’d go hang with friends, have lunch and go for a swim, and he’d still be in there, getting them finished. 

Though they couldn’t reveal much about the season, it appeared that Michael will reunite with his son at some point. In the episode, we do, however, see the moment that Linc realized that Michael is alive. It’s powerful and Purcell said that it only took two takes.

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