SDCC: The “Lost” Panel (Updated!)


Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof took the stage to a roaring Hall H moments ago, kicking off day 3 of SDCC.

The big news of the panel is that season six seems set to feature an alternate reality, based on three viral commericals.

The first was an ad for Oceanic Air that noted that the company was founded in 1979 (which, based on the ’70s timeline from season five, should hit this year).

The next, far more revealing ad, was for “Mr. Cluck’s Chicken”, owned and operated by Hurley who “dreamed of a recipe for perfect chicken while on a trip to Australia”. It would seem that, based on the events of the finale, we’re now in an alternate reality.

The last video was a clip from an episode of “America’s Most Wanted” focused on Kate Austen who, though she tried to kill her stepfather, killed a plumber named Ryan Milner by mistake.

After the video, Jorge Garcia made a surprise appearance, posing a fan asking a question. He demanded Damon and Lindelof explain what’s going on, saying that, if everything is different in season six, does that mean the first five seasons have been a cheat? The pair said, “Jorge, you’re just going to have to trust us.”

“The last time I trusted you guys,” he shot back, “you said that Nikki and Paulo were going to be awesome.”

When Garcia tried to ask further questions, he was stopped by another surprise guest, Michael Emerson, who started an argument which, Garcia claimed, he was only doing because Emerson originally wanted the Hurley part. Then they screened a fake video featuring Emerson’s original audition for the Hurley part.

Other tidbits included the revelation that both Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell will be back for season six. The point was also made that the final season will be its own entity.

“The time travel season is over,” said Cuse, “Flashforward season is over. You’re going to see something different.”

Other surprise guests included Nestor Carbonell and Josh Holloway, the latter of whom burst onto stage to steal the final scene of “Lost,” allegedly locked in a box on-stage by Cuse and Lindelof but stole it only to reveal the gag that it was actually the final scene for “Heroes”.

The panel ended with Dominic Monaghan taking the stage, but not joining the panel. It looks like Charlie is back!