ABC Will be Defying Gravity

ABC has picked up Fox TV Studios’ 13-episode adventure drama “Defying Gravity” starring Ron Livingston, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show comes from creator/executive producer James Parriott, who served as an executive producer on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ugly Betty,” and executive producer Michael Edelstein, former executive producer of the network’s “Desperate Housewives.”

“Gravity,” whose cast includes Laura Harris, Christina Cox, Malik Yoba and Florentine Lahme, is set in the near future and revolves around eight astronauts from five countries who undertake a mysterious six-year mission through the solar system.

The series is slated to air on ABC this summer.

If “Gravity” does well, Parriott and Edelstein hope to do more seasons of the show. “I have the first three seasons blocked out, and I know the ending of the series,” Parriott said.


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