Marc Guggenheim Talks Flash Forward

Think Mcfly Think got a chance to talk to “Flash Forward” executive producer Marc Guggenheim about the upcoming ABC series, premiering September 24. Here are a few clips from the interview:

One major change from the book to the television show involves how far into the future people see when they back out.

“We’ve obviously changed it from 21 years to six months,” said Guggenheim. “The real appeal when you are doing a television series is getting to see the payoff of when the future becomes the present. David and Brannon made the decision to have that payoff come in the first season.”

According to Guggenheim, the show has the ability to sustain a high level of quality over a number of seasons.

“We figure it can go seven years pretty comfortably,” he said. “At a minimum, we figure we would need three seasons [to tell the story].”

Check out the full interview here!


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