ER Coming Back, Scrubs Update


Variety reports that NBC has been talking with Warner Bros. TV about keeping the long-running medical drama “ER” in place for one more year. The trade says the network and studio are said to be close to an agreement in which a reduction on “ER’s” license fee could keep the show going for a 15th season.

“ER” was expected to end its lengthy run this year, but the writers’ strike and work stoppage put a crimp in those plans. Now that production has resumed, “ER” is delivering between four and six more episodes this season. But rather than end on such a short note, NBC may now want to make some noise by bringing “ER” back for one final farewell season.

It is still unclear how many episodes NBC may license next season.

As for the NBC’s other medical series that was slated to retire this June, “Scrubs” is also now expected to make a return next year. Star John C. McGinley was even quoted this week as saying the show’s long-rumored move from NBC to ABC is a done deal.