ITV Greenlights Ten-Part Jekyll & Hyde Series



With two Phantom of the Opera series already in development, it’s no surprise that the UK’s ITV is getting in on TV’s monster craze with the ten-part drama “Jekyll & Hyde” from writer Charlie Higson (“The Fast Show,” “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)”), who has reimagined Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of good and evil as an action adventure.

Inspired by the 1886 story “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,” in which a scientist creates a potion that unlocks his inner beast, the new miniseries is set in 1930’s London at a time of Hollywood glamour, aerodynamic cars and monster movies, focusing on young hero Robert Jekyll, who is the grandson of the original Dr. Henry Jekyll. Robert’s journey finds him on a quest to discover the family history that has led to his “curse,” which involves him transforming into Hyde in moments of extreme anger, stress or when the lives of others are threatened.

Here’s the synopsis: Higson’s Jekyll is a young, sensitive and naïve man of intellect and morality, a well meaning if slightly repressed character who slips between his two personas unwillingly. Hyde is a totally different person; a superhero with super powers, great strength, speed and invulnerability. He is confident, risk-taking and lives life on the edge. His self-destructive nature gets him into trouble, and yet he is an incredibly powerful force. He is a man of action who gets things done despite the consequences! Throughout the series we will witness Jekyll wrestling with the dark, brooding personality of Hyde as he struggles to come to terms with his superhero alter ego.

Higson will write and executive produce “Jekyl & Hyde,” with ITV Studios Director of Drama Francis Hopkinson (“Lucan,” “Wallander”) also executive producing with Foz Allan (“Wolfblood,” “Robin Hood”) as series producer. All ten episodes will be directed by Colin Teague (“Being Human,” “Sinbad”) with production in India commencing in January 2015 and filming in London from February until July 2015.

BBC One previously produced 2007’s six-episode series “Jekyll” from writer Steven Moffat, which also centered on a descendant of Dr. Jekyll played by James Nesbitt.