TNT Greenlights Dean Devlin’s Leverage

TNT has given the go-ahead to production of “Leverage,” a pilot directed and produced by Dean Devlin about a team of five high-tech thieves who circle the globe to rob from wealthy criminals, corrupt businessmen and venal politicians.

On “Leverage,” Devlin and lead writer of the script John Rogers (Transformers) told Variety that their goal is to deliver the kind of action-adventure spirit found in Devlin’s two high-rated “Librarian” movies on TNT: “Quest for the Spear” and “Return to King Solomon’s Mines.”

“Leverage” is one of four scripted hourlong pilots that TNT will look at toward the end of the year, choosing at least one to go into production in March for scheduling in the summer along with the network’s scripted-series hits “The Closer” and “Saving Grace.”


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