His Dark Materials Season 3 on HBO Max

How to Watch His Dark Materials Season 3 on HBO Max

Based on a trilogy of novels by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials on HBO Max is a sci-fi drama series about a young orphan girl, Lyra. The series is set in an alternate world where a human’s soul exists outside their body in the form of animal companions called daemons. While searching for a missing friend Lyra uncovers dangerous secrets about influential people — this information will make her embark on an adventurous journey through different worlds.

Where to Watch His Dark Materials Season 3

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How Many Episodes Are in His Dark Materials Season 3?

His Dark Materials Season 3 on HBO Max

There are eight episodes in His Dark Materials season three. The runtime of the episodes averages between 50-59 minutes. You can check the complete list of His Dark Materials episodes and their release dates below.

Season Three

  1. The Enchanted Sleeper”: December 18, 2022
  2. The Break”: December 18, 2022
  3. The Intention Craft”: December 18, 2022
  4. Lyra and Her Death”: December 18, 2022
  5. No Way Out”: December 18, 2022
  6. The Abyss”: December 18, 2022
  7. The Clouded Mountain”: December 18, 2022
  8. The Botanic Garden”: December 18, 2022

Previous Seasons

  1. Season Two: November – December 2020
  2. Season One: November – December 2019

What Are the Critics Saying About His Dark Materials Season 3?

His Dark Materials Season 3 has an official critics rating of 90% and an average audience score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Martin Carr from We Got This Covered writes, “This season 3 conclusion to Philip Pullman’s trilogy is epic on every level. Majestic locations, thought-provoking themes, and headliners Dafne Keen and James McAvoy on solid form throughout. Essential viewing for fans of the source material.”

The Ringer’s Miles Surrey says, “The HBO series had mixed results over its three-season run, but the show’s conclusion is deeply satisfying for book readers and TV viewers alike.”

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Is His Dark Materials Season 3 Suitable for Kids?

His Dark Materials Season 3 is rated TV-14, which means some parents may find the content unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.


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