Allen v. Farrow on HBO Max

How to Watch Allen v. Farrow on HBO Max

In 1992, filmmaker and actor Woody Allen was accused of sexual abuse involving his then 7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow, Dylan. Allen v. Farrow on HBO Max is a docuseries that traces the years of media attention and public scrutiny the case received. The series features home movie footage, court documents, audio tapes, and exclusive interviews with Mia and Dylan. Experts, journalists, and investigators also weigh in and recount the unraveling of the celebrity family.

Where to Watch Allen v. Farrow

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How Many Episodes Are in Allen v. Farrow?

Allen v. Farrow on HBO Max

There are four episodes in Allen v. Farrow. The runtime of the episodes averages between 56-73 minutes. You can check the complete list of Allen v. Farrow episodes and their release dates below.

  1. Episode 1”: March 15, 2021
  2. Episode 2”: March 15, 2021
  3. Episode 3”: March 15, 2021
  4. Episode 4”: March 15, 2021

What Are the Critics Saying About Allen v. Farrow?

Allen v. Farrow has an official critics rating of 82% and an average audience score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Michael Idato from The Sydney Morning Herald writes, “This is a compelling piece of television, powered by the unflinching candour of the participants and the high level of detail in the final assembly.”

London Evening Standard’s Susannah Butter says, “Dick and Ziering tell the story that they want to engagingly; it just lacks some journalistic rigour. I also wondered if it had been sensationalised. The story is dramatic enough without the schmaltzy music.”

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Is Allen v. Farrow Suitable for Kids?

Allen v. Farrow is rated TV-MA, which means it is meant for viewing by mature audiences only. The content material is not suitable for children under 17.


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