Wytches: Amazon to Adapt Horror Comics Into an Animated Series

Amazon Studios has officially given a series order to the upcoming animated TV adaptation of Wytches, based on Image Comics’ horror comic book series created by Scott Snyder and Jock. The story centers around a teenager who uncovers the dark secrets of the new town that her family had just moved to.

“Driven by the pairing of Scott and Jock along with our partners at Plan B and Project 51 Productions, Wytches fuses nail biting horror and evocative drama while unearthing the dark lore surrounding an ancient burrow of witches,” Amazon Studios’ Head of Animation Melissa Wolfe said in a statement. “Given the haunting and intimate nature of Scott and Jock’s well regarded comic series, we are looking forward to delivering their creative vision to our global audience and expanding our growing roster of animated series” (via Variety.)

Wytches will be executive produced by Snyder and Jock along with Kevin Kolde of Project 51 Productions, Amazon Studios, and Plan B Entertainment, who acquired the rights to book shortly after its launch in 2014. Plan B initially planned to adapt the story into a movie.

“The series tells the story of 17-year-old Sailor Rooks, whose family moves to a remote New England town after a tragic accident, only to discover that a burrow of monsters — ancient creatures that prey on our darkest fears and desires — lurks beneath the town,” reads the synopsis.

Wytches is set to premiere on Prime Video. It will be joining the streamer’s current roster of animated shows that includes the superhero series Invincible and the action fantasy The Legend of Vox Machina, which have both already been renewed.


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