The Crown Season 5 on Netflix

How to Watch The Crown Season 5 on Netflix

Inspired by true events, The Crown on Netflix is a fictional dramatization that tracks the highs and lows of Queen Elizabeth II’s seven-decades-long reign. In season five of the series, the royal family is shown fighting to remain relevant in the 1990s, while things come to a head in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

Where to Watch The Crown Season 5

Good news! You and your family can enjoy not only The Crown Season 5 but everything Netflix has to offer. With Netflix, there are no extra costs and no contracts. Watch from your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, or streaming device. Plans range from $6.99 to $19.99 a month, making it easy to pick an option that gives you access to hit TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more.

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How Many Episodes Are in The Crown Season 5?

The Crown Season 5 on Netflix

There are 10 episodes in The Crown season five, with a sixth and final season forthcoming. The runtime of episodes averages between 48-58 minutes. You can check the complete list of The Crown episodes and their release date below.

Season Five

  1. Queen Victoria Syndrome”: November 9, 2022
  2. The System”: November 9, 2022
  3. Mou Mou”: November 9, 2022
  4. Annus Horribilis”: November 9, 2022
  5. The Way Ahead”: November 9, 2022
  6. Ipatiev House”: November 9, 2022
  7. No Woman’s Land”: November 9, 2022
  8. Gunpowder”: November 9, 2022
  9. Couple 31”: November 9, 2022
  10. Decommissioned”: November 9, 2022

Previous Seasons

  • Season Four: November 2020
  • Season Three: November 2019
  • Season Two: December 2017
  • Season One: November 2016

What Are the Critics Saying About The Crown Season 5?

The Crown Season 5 has an official critics rating of 71% and an average audience score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some viewers think this season is not as compelling as the previous ones.

Empire Magazine’s Boyd Hilton writes, “Despite a slow start and some occasional missteps, Season 5 of The Crown proves to be as addictive and captivating as ever.”

Shirley Li from The Atlantic says, “Morgan’s approach to the personal lives of the royals is too sympathetic to ever be damning. The new season of The Crown never risks challenging anyone’s reputation. Instead, it merely risks its own as a compelling show.”

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Is The Crown Season 5 Suitable for Kids?

The Crown is rated TV-MA, which means it is meant for viewing by mature audiences only. The content material is not suitable for children under 17.


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