Outer Range Season 1 on Prime Video

How to Watch Outer Range Season 1 on Prime Video

A Western meets sci-fi meets thriller in Outer Range on Prime Video. The series is about Royal Abbot (Josh Brolin), a Wyoming rancher who is trying to save his land from the neighboring Tillersons. To add to Abbot’s woes, his daughter-in-law has mysteriously disappeared. With the arrival of an odd stranger at their ranch, bizarre things start revealing themselves, including a black hole-like pit in the west pasture. What really is going on? Watch the show and find out.

Where to Watch Outer Range Season 1

Good news! There are a few ways you and your family can enjoy not only Outer Range Season 1 but everything Prime Video has to offer. Prime Video offers a free 30-day trial with access to hit TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Keep watching after your trial for only $14.99 a month. Save by purchasing a whole season of Outer Range to watch from any TV, tablet, PC, or phone.

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How Many Episodes Are in Outer Range Season 1?

Outer Range Season 1 on Prime Video

There are eight episodes in Outer Range season one, with a second season forthcoming. The runtime of episodes averages between 42-62 minutes. You can check the complete list of Outer Range Season 1 episodes and their release date below.

  1. The Void”: April 15, 2022
  2. The Land”: April 15, 2022
  3. The Time”: April 22, 2022
  4. The Loss”: April 22, 2022
  5. The Soil”: April 29, 2022
  6. The Family”: April 29, 2022
  7. The Unknown”: May 6, 2022
  8. The West”: May 6, 2022

What Are the Critics Saying About Outer Range Season 1?

Outer Range Season 1 has an official critics rating of 81% and an average audience score of 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. The sci-fi twist in the show has gone down well with some viewers, while others have not taken the bait.

Ryan Britt from Inverse says, “Outer Range is one of the boldest, weirdest, and most affecting sci-fi shows of the 21st century. Despite the inevitable comparison to Stranger Things, the series forges its own path and succeeds because its so aggressively grounded in reality.”

AV Club’s Alison Foreman writes, “Measuring most shows against the masterful Twin Peaks feels unfair. But Brian Watkins’ Outer Range baldly baits the comparison—sometimes with success but more often to his show’s detriment.”

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Is Outer Range Season 1 Suitable for Kids?

Outer Range Season 1 is rated TV-14, which means some parents may find the content unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.


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