Sean Cunningham Teases New Friday the 13th Film

Crystal Lake Showrunner Reveals What the Friday the 13th Prequel Can Use

Following the surprising announcement of a Friday the 13th prequel series at Peacock, more information on just what content will be allowed in the series has come to light.

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When the series was initially announced, fans wondered just how much of the Friday the 13th world could be used, specifically due to the ongoing legal battle between the original film’s screenwriter, Victor Miller, and Sean Cunningham, the director of the first film.

For those unaware, Miller won the rights to the first movie’s script and characters but not the title itself or the iconic look of the hockey mask-wearing slasher Jason Voorhees, as the hockey mask first appeared in the third film.

According to Crystal Lake‘s showrunner Bryan Fuller on a recent episode of The Kingcast podcast, despite what fans may have initially thought, the team behind the upcoming prequel series can use whatever they want for the show.

“Everything. We can use everything. We can go to Hell, we can go to space. That’s not to say that we will do those things … although if we do go 10 seasons, I will be lobbying hard to go to space,” Fuller joked. “A24 and Marc Toberoff, who is Victor Miller’s lawyer, have beautifully and excruciatingly assembled all of the Friday the 13th rights. As a streaming series, we have the rights to do everything underneath the Friday the 13th umbrella. The movie rights are a completely different thing. They are tied up at New Line and are super, super messy and probably won’t be untangled anytime soon, but as far as us chickens in the television industry, uh, roost, we have access to anything and everything that Friday the 13th has done up until this point.”

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Fuller also gave fans a small hint on what to expect from the series, saying it was less of a prequel series and more of “a pre-remake-uel series,” whatever that might end up meaning. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the plot of the project, the fact that Crystal Lake apparently has full use of any and all Friday the 13th rights will be music to fans’ ears and makes the future of the iconic horror franchise much brighter as a result.


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