Warner Bros. Animation Seemingly Confirms Harley Quinn Season 4

It has been nearly two weeks since Harley Quinn season three made its debut, and it seems like Warner Bros. Animation is already developing the popular animated series’ next installment. According to Entertainment Identifier Registry (via Screen Rant), which is what media companies use to manage content that is being released on multiple platforms, Warner Bros. Animation has already registered Harley Quinn season four.

Given there’s still no official announcement about its renewal, this news comes as a surprise. It’s especially surprising considering the numerous DC project cancellations that have occurred after the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

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The studio has also registered the potential new season’s ten episode titles, which are listed below:

  • Episode 4.01, “Gotham’s Hottest Hotties”
  • Episode 4.02, “B.I.T.C.H.”
  • Episode 4.03, “Icons Only”
  • Episode 4.04, “Business Conference Without Chlamydia”
  • Episode 4.05, “Getting Ice Dick, Don’t Wait Up”
  • Episode 4.06, “Metamorphosis”
  • Episode 4.07, “Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise”
  • Episode 4.08, “Il Buffone”
  • Episode 4.09, “Potato Based Cloning Incident”
  • Episode 4. 10, “Killer’s Block”

“The mayhem and madness continue in season three of this biting and uproarious adult animated comedy series,” reads the synopsis. “Wrapping up their ‘Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour,’ Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy return to Gotham as the new power couple of DC villainy. Along with their ragtag crew – King Shark, Clayface, Frank the Plant – ‘Harlivy’ strives to become the best version of themselves while also working towards Ivy’s long-desired plan of transforming Gotham into an Eden paradise.”

The series follows Harley Quinn‘s adventures, which began after her break-up with the Joker. The story centers around Harley, Poison Ivy, and other DC castoffs including King Shark, Clayface, and Doctor Psycho, as they try to help each other earn a seat at the biggest table in villainy: the Legion of the Doom. Season two ended with Harley and Ivy finally getting together, following Ivy’s failed wedding with Kite Man.

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The voice cast includes Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco as the titular villain, Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Alan Tudyk as Clayface and the Joker, Ron Funches as King Shark, JB Smoove as Frank the Plant, Giancarlo Esposito as Lex Luthor, Natalie Morales as Lois Lane, Jim Rash as Riddler, Diedrich Bader as Batman, Tony Hale as Dr. Psycho, Chris Meloni as Commissioner Gordon, Rahul Kohli as Scarecrow, Sanaa Lathan as Catwoman, Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, and Jacob Tremblay as Robin.

Based on the DC character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn is created and executive produced by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey. In addition to starring, Cuoco is also an executive producer through her Yes, Norman Productions.


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