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Moon Knight’s Latest Trailer Marks Halfway Point for Season 1

Moon Knight, the currently running Marvel TV series on Disney+, is now three episodes into its six-episode first season. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have met the Egyptian gods, wrestled with the many identities of Marc Spector, and seen star Oscar Issac don the cowl and throw around his Batman-esque projectiles. Marvel has put out a new trailer for the show that digs into the exciting scenes from what’s already premiered, showcasing the hero’s full costume and some of his most flashy moves.

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New episodes of Moon Knight premiere regularly on Wednesdays, and this past week’s program saw the hero return to Egypt to cut Arthur Harrow off at the pass. In the show, the villainous Harrow is another human who has served as Khonshu, and now he hopes to reawaken a different Egyptian deity and bring about the end times. This differs quite a bit from Harrow’s character in Marvel comics, but he only appeared in one story, so the writers have free reign to reinterpret him as they see fit.

Disney must be pleased with Moon Knight‘s popularity, going so far as to call the show a “global phenomenon” in their marketing. This is in contrast to the last MCU program to debut, which was the underperforming HawkeyeMoon Knight‘s season will lead smoothly into the theatrical debut of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a film that will undoubtedly shake up the entire franchise thanks to its universe-spanning premise. Only time will tell if Marc Spector ends up affected by those circumstances or finds himself instead tucked away in the same corner of the MCU as Iron Fist and the other Netflix heroes.


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