Laura Donnelly Joins Marvel's Werewolf Halloween Special for Disney+
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Laura Donnelly Joins Marvel’s Werewolf Halloween Special for Disney+

Laura Donnelly (The Nevers, Britannia, Outlander) has joined Golden Globe winner Gael García Bernal (Mozart in the Jungle) in Marvel Studios’ upcoming werewolf-centered Halloween special for Disney+, according to Deadline.

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Plot details for the untitled special, starring Bernal in the leading role, are currently being kept under wraps. It is being speculated, however, that the special could potentially be based on the Werewolf by Night character from the comics.

Werewolf by Night is a name that was used by two different Marvel characters. The first one, which was created by Gerry Conway, Mike Ploog, Roy Thomas, and Jeanie Thomas, was Jack Russell, who is a descendant of the Lycanthropes, shapeshifting half-human creatures who are capable of transforming at his own will, even without a full moon. Meanwhile, the second one was Jake Gomez, a Native American whose tribe has been cursed with lycanthropy. The character of Gomez was created by Taboo, Benjamin Jackendoff, and Scot Eaton. It’s unclear whether or not either character will be featured in the upcoming special.

The outlet notes that if the special is based on Werewolf by Night, Donnelly could possibly be playing Nina Price, who becomes Vampire By Night. She is Jack Russell’s niece in the comics who carries the lycan gene and is turned into a vampire/werewolf hybrid after being bitten by a vampire.

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Production on the Marvel Halloween special is expected to begin early this year.


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