Dino Ranch Animated Series Rides Onto Disney+ Next Month


Dino Ranch Animated Series Rides Onto Disney+ Next Month

Produced by Industrial Brothers and Boat Rocker Studios, Dino Ranch rides onto Disney+ in the U.S. on June 18! The premium streaming service will feature the new, action-packed “pre-westoric” preschool series trailing a family of fast-riding ranchers and their pack of dynamic dinosaurs.

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Dino Ranch introduces young audiences to the ultimate playground – a working farm and dinosaur sanctuary under the big, blue country sky – and the tight-knit Cassidy family: Ma (Jane), Pa (Bo), and their three adopted kids, Jon, Min, and Miguel. An imaginative world full of adventure, fun, and problem-solving, Dino Ranch celebrates teamwork and friendship as the Cassidy family rounds up, rides, and cares for a lively herd of racing, roaring dinosaurs!

Jon, 10, is the leader and ‘dino-whisperer,’ known as a fast-talking, wide-eyed cowboy who fancies himself the fastest lasso in the west. Super-caring Min, 8, is a young dino doctor-in-training, and Miguel, 6, is a smart, deep-thinking, soft-spoken inventor with big ideas. Ranch life certainly wouldn’t be the same without the Cassidy family’s distinctive dino pals: Jon’s speedy raptor, Blitz; Min’s big-hearted brontosaurus, Clover; Miguel’s tiny (but mighty) triceratops, Tango; Pa’s full-grown T-Rex, Biscuit, and Ma’s massively loyal parasaurolophus, Quack.

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Dino Ranch premiered in the U.S. on Disney Junior in January 2021 and is the #1 U.S. cable series amongst kids, 2-5. The series is also available on DisneyNOW.