Peacock Adds Superfan Episodes of The Office Season 1 With New Content

One of the biggest selling points of NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming service at its launch was its exclusive access to The Office. The popular sitcom had become one of the most binged shows on all of streaming during its stay on Netflix, and the original creators of the program wanted in on that action. As an effort to avoid the notion that NBC was hoarding the show for their own service, they promised the notion of Superfan Episodes with never-before-seen content, but only delivered on the third season of the show. As of today, the first season joins the third with Superfan treatments of all six early installments.

The episodes, which can now stretch from 26 to 36 minutes, come alongside the addition of bloopers, featurettes, and interviews of the kind one might expect on a DVD or Blu-Ray release. The new season of Superfan content also happens to drop on Pretzel Day, an in-universe date of significance that first came to be in the Season 3 episode “Initiation.”

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Peacock has seven more seasons to go if they plan to add SuperFan versions of each episode of The Office. The show ran from 2005-2013, and fans have been rewatching it via any means they can ever since. It’s clear that NBC Universal is putting a lot of investment into hooking those fans with these season rereleases, so expect further batches to drop every few months until every moment of Dunder Mifflin history is thoroughly reexamined and lengthened.