WandaVision: Evan Peters Found The ‘Ralph Bohner’ Name Hysterical

While audiences tuning in every week to WandaVision hoped that Evan Peters was somehow playing the same Quicksilver that he portrayed in Fox’s X-Men film series, the actor knew that he was instead playing a character named Ralph under the control of Agatha Harkness. What he didn’t know was that his character had a rather humorous last name. As Peters imparts in TikTok footage from a talk with Pace University students, the full reveal of “Ralph Bohner” caused him to lose it on set.

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“I didn’t know his last name was Bohner,” revealed Peters. “So, there’s that scene where I’m upstairs in my mancave, and I’m explaining to [Monica Rambeau]…she looks at the headshot, and she says ‘Ralph Bohner!’ And I was like, ‘Bohner?!’ I started hysterically laughing because I had no idea that my last name was Bohner. I knew that from the beginning that he was Ralph, and that he was being controlled by the witch.”

WandaVision was a show all about misdirection, taking MCU fans on a journey that revived several dead characters and made them question who the hero of the situation was. That’s why it’s quite entertaining that the creative talent behind the scenes would stretch that concept all the way to their own performers.

Peters’ entire existence on the show is a meta-joke in itself, as lampshaded by Kat Dennings’ Darcy in one episode. Quicksilver was “recast” after the original MCU speedster met his end in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it’s doubtful that Ralph Bohner will be rubbing shoulders with his WandaVision costars in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or any other big Marvel properties anytime soon.

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Now that his stint in the MCU has seemingly come to a close, Peters will next appear in American Horror Story: Double Feature on FX. However, WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer has subtly implied that Bohner could make a cameo appearance somewhere down the line. Quicksilver may still officially be dead in the MCU, but perhaps Peters can continue his universe-breaking antics once Disney officially brings mutants to their Marvel Cinematic Universe.