HBO’s Parasite Series Is an Original Story, Not a Remake

Shortly after Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite was released, news that HBO had begun work on a television series adaptation broke. In a recent interview, Adam McKay eased worries on the Parasite series, noting that the HBO project would not be a remake but its own original story instead. 

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Speaking on MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast earlier this week, McKay briefly touched on the upcoming project, saying that it was moving “full speed ahead” and that, despite what fans initially thought, it wouldn’t be a remake. “It’s an original series,” he said. “It’s in the same universe as the feature, but it’s an original story that lives in that same world.” 

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McKay didn’t touch on much else regarding the project but did say how incredibly lucky he felt to be working on something that Bong Joon-Ho has been a part of. “Usually, when I hear people say ‘I’m honored,’ it sounds like bullshit to me, but I’m legitimately honored. And having a blast.”

Bong and McKay will executive produce the limited Parasite series, with Bong hoping to use the time allotted in a television series to expand the universe of Parasite in a way he wasn’t able to do in the film. Kate Street Picture Company’s Dooho Choi, CJ Entertainment’s Miky Lee Cho Young Ki, Francis Chung, and McKay’s partner at Hyperbole Industries Kevin Messick will also serve as executive producers. CJ’s Kerry Ko will co-executive produce with CJ’s Fred Lee producing.